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The Man Behind the Lens

Manny du Mont has more than 25 years of experience as an award-winning photographer.  His images have appeared in the Chicago Tribune Magazine, Photographer's Forum, Photo District News Magazine, Crain's, Black and White Spider Awards and Calendar, and many other publications as well as many corporate and print ads.  He works in various formats including film, digital, and alternative processes such as Tintypes, Kallitypes, Ziatypes, Van dyke browns, Cyanotypes, and so forth.


I am captivated by people and the energy they exude... The human spirit fascinates me, and I am intrigued with what makes people who they are.  That is why I am a fine art photographer.  I believe a fine art portrait captures the true essence of a person to allow the world a glimpse into their being.  There is a moment during every session that people open up and reveal who they are.  I am there to capture that moment.  And with my passion for art and love for photography, the image I capture will be transformed into a fine art portrait, an image people cannot take their eyes off.  Look into their eyes and the light that reflects from inside; who do you see?

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